AdMail’s “remarkable capability” makes travel dream a reality
(August 5, 2014)
Our clients are always coming up with creative ways to deliver their messages, and AdMail's commitment to making their messages matter means that we're always up for these challenges! In her blog, creative strategist Carol Worthington-Levy discusses her recent project for AAA Travel, who was looking for a unique way to market

AdMail Express Updates!
(April 15, 2014)
Call us today to learn about our expanded Digital Press Capabilities and Promotional Services. Even more ways AdMail can make Your Message Matter!

Know your FSM…ASAP!
(February 6, 2013)
It seems everything has to have an abbreviation these days, even a nice, unassuming workhorse mail piece.

The USPS has created new standards for one of our favorite formats - the Folded Self-Mailer - and has given it the snappy new abbreviation FSM. By USPS definition, a Folded Self-Mailer is “formed of panels created when a single

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